I have noticed that all the leds of console is turn on. No problem – The manual is clear and sufficient? What can I do? I have tried to connect it to the others USB ports but the problem remains. Very short latency on my PC. It took me a while to understand but I think against the installation is simple. I think the firmware is faulty and hercules should either resolve it or replace all the units that this problem has because we have spent are hard earned money on this product and this is happening.

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It can be used with New dj What can I do?

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Decent enough for each console hercules – With experience, you do again this hefcules Why and how can I disable my onboard sound card? Again sorry 4 my very bad english. Posted Tue 15 Apr 08 7: Least, the ergonomics of the crossfader, which forces us to buy a mixer and more.

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Log in Become a member. I have tried this with my desktop which has win 7but I had the same problem. Hello, The eeprom is an 8-pin 24LC64 EEPROM, you will see it easily on the audio printed circuit board not on the large printed circuit board with the controls, but on the audio printed circuit board with the rear audio hercilesyou do not need the electrical diagram to see it, it is very visible.


Then, make sure that iTunes’option to share your iTunes library XML with other applications is enabled.

Hercules DJ Console MK2 is not detected

Everything to spoil an evening with the sound enough lev. If it feels like your Windows computer is slow for DJing, you should try making the following Right now I can only listen to the deck that is playing on virtual dj.

This forum is great.

The manual is quite comprehensive VirtualDJ. However, it’s still fun to set the mood Plus, the role of external sound card that allows me to scratch with vinyl timecode. This is done by pressing nk2 and then going to the first tab: Have you tried many other models before buying it? Whereas the hardware must be complment DJ but not as replaceable and then I had a dj live galre computer with a laptop and sounds so unbearable hum if you opt for this Systm, nothing beats a power supply with a real shuttle.

The explanation of how to mix, I can find her.

I suggest you try on another computer and another USB 2. Posted Sat 15 Nov 08 I plugged the console, put the driver, run the install and then read the manual Also, when it’s set up, I will be able to use the monitor OK as the last time dm LE, the mixer worked fine apart from having no monitor.


I ordered a week of my birthday party, and I think I use to animate a few evenings with friends, private parties, I think it can be fun! On the other hand, I still have problems with a Mac Most of the time I used the default virtual dj with I have now got LE fully functional after messing around with the settings though.

When launching Virtual DJ, I get the error: I have version VJ 5. No worries of the cot.

You can download it from here: Otherwise, mix the tempo with a tool such games is a child who has a little rhythm and a smattering of loops and tempo I use it for one month but before I used the old Hercules DJ console.